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List of Banks No. 48

Commercial Banking

Saradar Bank is a strategic banking partner to its clients, and has been offering a broad spectrum of financial products to corporate entities engaged in different sectors of the economy.

The vast array of services offered by the Bank varies from traditional working capital finance to complex structured financial products customized to the needs of large companies and large-scale projects.

Tailor-made packages and solutions to suit specific financial needs are offered by the Bank to meet the funding requirements at various stages of trading activities, from procurement of goods to sales realization.

Saradar Bank is also keen to support and accompany Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) every step of the way with specialist advice, products and commercial lending services, to insure them a fast and structured growth.


Saradar Bank brings value to its Corporate and SME's customers via the following products & services:

Commercial Lending
  • Working capital requirements financing through revolving credit lines (overdraft, goods financing, post financing, ...)
  • Capital expenditures financing through medium to long term loans, subsidized and incentive loans...
  • Projects, Contracts and Real Estate Development Structured Financing
  • Bills discounting
  • Trade finance (Documentary Credits, Letters of Guarantee, Stand-by Letters of Credit, Documentary Collection,...)
  • Factoring for receivables management, guarantee and financing
  • Forfaiting

Corporate Finance
  • Arranging / participating in loans syndication
  • Syndicated lending / debt underwriting

Project and Structured Finance
  • Contracting project financing
  • Long-term / multi-currency financing
  • Project Advisory Services on Financing Structures
  • Real Estate Development financing
  • Subsidized loans
  • KAFALAT loans
  • Incentive loans

Trade Finance
  • Documentary Credits Import / Export
  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Back to Back Letters of Credit
  • Documentary Collections
  • Letters of guarantees (Bid Bond, Performance Bond, Advance Payment Bond, Retention bond…)