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New Car Loan
Get into the driver's seat and enjoy driving your new dream car. It has never been easier to finance a new vehicle than through Saradar Bank. If you are planning to purchase a new car, with a competitive loan interest rate, Saradar Bank will provide you with the loan that suits you best.

Loan features (*)
  • New Car
  • Currency:
  • Down payment:
at least 25% of vehicle price excluding registration fees
  • Repayment period:
up to 5 years
  • Flat Interest Rate
  • File fees:

Eligibility Conditions
  • Lebanese Citizen
  • Age more than 21 years old and less than 64 by the end of loan period
  • Steady occupation with minimum 2 years of employment or in business
  • The monthly equal payment should not exceed 1/3 of monthly revenue for employees and 1/4 for self-employed (**)

Guarantee & Insurance
  • Car pledge
  • Car insurance against all risks
  • Other guarantees may be requested on case by case basis

    New Car Loan (***)
    Car Value: $30,000
    Down Payment: $12,000
    Loan Amount: $ 18,000 over a period of 5 years
    Monthly installment: $440 (including all risk insurance for the whole period of the loan)
    APR: 7.47% (excluding all risk insurance)
    Conditions applicable as at 30/04/2016

Required documents
  • Loan application
  • Copy of ID
  • Authenticated Salary Certificate for employees or Statement of Account for the last 6 months for self employed
  • Certificate of Residence
  • Copy of driving license

(*) The Bank reserves its right to change, when necessary, the mentioned information
(**) Eligibility is subject to repayment capabilities
(***) Car loan is subject to a prior approval

For more information visit any Saradar Bank Branch or contact our Call Center on: 04-727227

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